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When you travel, you already have enough to worry about. Trust your pets with Pets Now Boarding – you can relax knowing that your best friend is also enjoying their time away from home.

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Boarding your Dog

Dogs are social pack animals, and it is very important that your chosen pet boarding kennel allows this natural instinct. During the day, all resident dogs socialise and play together – either outside in the playground with toys, balls and swimming pools, or inside with their own couches and toys! It is as close to your home environment as possible.

In the evening, dogs go into their own luxurious rooms to eat and sleep. Our comfortable rooms are purpose-designed pens featuring windowed outdoor views. Many have an automated watering system. All dogs are fed a premium range of dog food, and most importantly, all love and attention is included…

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Boarding your dog

A selection of indoor and outdoor play areas gives us the ability to segregate groups of dogs based on temperament, size and activity levels. Our facility is thoroughly monitored and we have the highest ratio of staff-to-dogs in the state, including several qualified and experienced veterinary nurses.

The Pets Now Boarding team are highly experienced in the care of all breeds of dogs. We have qualified and experienced vet nurses on our team, and offer an extra level of care and observation for your pet if required. We welcome elderly and high-needs pets.

We look forward to looking after your best friend soon.

For standard and discounted rates, view our 2019 calendar.

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We feed Royal Canin to all our fur guests. We believe this is the best that money can buy. The type we feed has been formulated especially for a boarding environment. It contains pre-biotics that help stabilise the gut during stressful or over excitable situations. It is extremely palatable and rarely do our guests refuse it. We do have a few tricks up our sleeve for our ultra fussy eaters though. We can if required add some '4 legs dog loaf', varity of different tinned food or fresh chicken necks. You may of course bring you own food if your pet has specific dietary requirements. Please make sure it is clearly labelled. If you provide portioned servings please add more food that you would normally feed at home. We provide a very active, social environment and this requires increased food intake to maintain weight. We weigh all our guests every four day throughout their stay. If this extra food isn't required we will adjust as needed.


A current C5 vaccination is required for all dogs. To ensure the health of your pet and others’, we ask you provide proof of your dog’s vaccination.


Medicated dogs, including those who are insulin dependent, are more than welcome to stay. Medication needs to be provided in original packaging with clear instructions – cost $1 per administration, up to 3x a day.

High Dependancy Surcharge

$10 per day. This surcharge will be applied at the manager's discretion to dogs that require excessive medication or management in any way. If you think your dog may fall into this category, please call us to discuss your dogs needs.


Unfortunately due to the social environment provided, we are unable to cater for entire males over the age of six months. We appreciate your understanding.


We provide all the beds and bedding required during your pets stay with us. Whilst we understand you may feel your pet would benefit from it own bedding from home please understand that we work extremely hard to sanitise and provide a sterile environment for your pets. We wash all of our bedding in an F10 solution and spray down our beds and bedrooms daily. Residential washing machines can not kill all germs and parasites. If you insist we take your personal bedding we will immediately wash it in our machine and the F10 solution before it is put in your pets bedroom. We take no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal items.

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The Cattery

We have developed safe, secure, and sun-lit walk-in suites that our feline friends just love.

Your cat will stay in one of our fully-lined and heated rooms.

For standard and discounted rates, view our calendar.

Our 2019 Calendar can be viewed here.

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Boarding your Cat

The cattery caters for feline friends of all kinds


Feline Enteritis, Feline Rhinotracheitis and Feline Calicivirus (F3) is required for all cats and must be completed at least 2 weeks prior. A vaccination certificate must be provided prior to boarding.


Medicated cats, including those who are insulin dependent, are more than welcome to stay. Medication needs to be provided with clear instructions – cost $1 per administration, up to 3x a day.


We offer Fancy Feast wet food and Whiskers wet food in a separate dish to the Royal Canin Dry food. You are welcome to bring your own food if you wish.